Weston 2005


Weston's second year was as much fun as his first, and just as active. He has learned a lot from his loving brother, William. And he has learned a lot on his own. His is an original in every way!

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Jan 17 - Wes and James visit Grandma

Jan 17 - Wes and James go to The Science Place

Mar 19 - Will and Wes visit Disneyland

Mar 19 - Weston Dances at Disneyland

Mar 27 - Weston's Easter

Mar 27 - The Boys at Easter

May 30 - Weston loves the Lake

June 19 - Wes and James in a Car

July 4 - Weston's Fourth

Sep 2 - Weston with Style

Oct 2 - Wes & Will go to the State Fair

Oct 29 - Wes Loves Trains

Oct 30 - Weston & William's Halloween

WESTON'S 2nd Birthday